Monadnock performs work as lump sum General Contractor or as either at-risk or as agent Construction Manager. Our affiliated company Monadnock Development is also able to provide partnership on any project in the form of fee developer or as equity participant.

We have all the tools necessary to provide the highest level of service without needless expenditures of money:


  • Skilled Project Management, Field Superintendent, and Support Staff – The experience and attitude of our extensive team of PM’s and Supers and their support teams are without question the key to Monadnock’s reputation and success. They care for each project as if it was their own.
  • Labor Team – We maintain a field labor and tradesperson crew of between 80 and 100 people. This includes general conditions labor as well as personnel skilled in finish carpentry, masonry, and all the skills necessary to effectively punch list your building prior to occupancy. Our team of Foreman is the best in the business at keeping the job sites clean, safe, and well run work places without overburdening a job with cost.
  • Project Logistics – Our project logistics team is well stocked with the trucks, equipment, and materials to assure that job sites have everything they need to push job schedules under the constantly demanding landscape of construction in NYC.
  • Pre-Construction – The group participates actively with the development team to anticipate and solve problems, and to plan out an outstanding and sensible building that meets the project’s objectives and budget. This includes reviewing and pricing system options, anticipating logistics and environmental mitigation issues, and incorporating sustainability objectives. Our constructability review of drawings is essential to a smooth construction process free of delays and change orders.
  • Subcontractor Default Program – The company has also performed over 300 million of work through an SDI program underwritten by XL/Caitlin. Our careful prequalification process and risk management monitoring during construction assures success for all parties involved in the process.
  • Payment and Performance Bonding – The company has a surety relationship with Travelers, with a current aggregate capacity of over $1.1 billion and single job limits over 300 million. Larger single limits are possible if planned in advance.
  • Safety – Another cornerstone of the company’s success and our rolling CCIP program is our commitment to safe job sites which extends from the President of the company to each of our field laborers. We have a six person safety team which visits all job sites and provides oversight of operations and support to our project teams. We also seek to staff Site Safety Manager requirements with our own personnel whenever possible.
  • Expertise in Government Agency Reporting – When certified payroll, MWBE participation, or other complex governmental reporting is required our support staff is without question the best in the business at assuring that high-quality reporting is done on a timely basis.