Property Types Hi-Rise / Luxury: The House at Cornell Tech

An ultra high-performance dormitory and faculty residence built as part of the Cornell Tech Campus on the southern end of Roosevelt Island. This building is a 26 story reinforced concrete building with a prefabricated wall panel system, and centralized VRF and ERV mechanical systems. At the time it was completed, this building was the tallest and largest structure in the world to receive Passive House certification, with a superinsulated building envelope and air tightness nearly 20 times greater than required by NYC Building Code. The job was also completed on a tight schedule to coincide with school opening, on a site challenged by access issues and material barging requirements and multiple other CM constructing other parts of the campus in tight proximity.

Location: 1 East Loop Road, New York, NY

Client: The Related Companies / The Hudson Companies

Architect: Handel Architects LLP

Completion: 2017

Apartments: 352