Property Types Multi-Family: Courtlandt Crescent

Monadnock Construction completed Courtlandt Crescent for The Phipps Houses Group in 2013.

Courtlandt Crescent is a two- building, new construction affordable housing complex financed by HPD encompassing over 217 apartments.

The two buildings of Courtland Crescent compliment the earlier Courtland Corners (I and II) project, which comprises over 400,000 square feet of housing. Both projects were completed by Monadnock Construction on behalf of the Phipps Houses Group.

Courtlandt Crescent successfully participated in the Enterprise Green Communities Initiative and NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program. The entire complex is over 250,000 square feet including a 10,200 square foot Community Center and 13,500 square feet of parking. It is a block and plank structure which featured a curved masonry façade with sun shading over the windows.

Location: 383 E 162nd Street Bronx, NY

Client: Phipps Houses Group

Architect: Dattner Architects

Completion: 2013

Apartments: 217