Property Types Multi-Family: Morris 2

Morris Phase II aka Park Avenue Green is a 15-story mixed-use Passive House certified building (PHIUS) that is part of a multi-phase affordable housing project constructed through the Extremely Low and Low-income Affordability program of NYC HDC and NYC HPD. The 154-unit reinforced concrete building has 107 units offered to low-income renters ranging from 50% to 80% AMI (Average Median Income). A combination of mastclimbers and pipe-scaffold were employed to build the ultra-insulated air-tight façade, which comprised of brick and 7” EIFS, along with triple glazed PVC windows and R-50 roof assembly. The HVAC system encompassed Unitized energy recovery ventilators and VRF systems, with aerosealed air-risers for added tightness. As much as the coordination challenges and extensive mock-up and field testing encountered, the project when completed, successfully obtained NYSERDA and EGC grants and certifications, in addition to standing strong as the first largest, affordable passive house development in the Bronx.

Location: 2980 Park Avenue, Bronx, NY

Client: Omni New York LLC

Architect: Curtis & Ginsberg Architects LLP

Completion: 2018

Apartments: 154